I was born in Aleksinac, Serbia in 1996. Early next year I have moved with family to Belgrade. I live and work in New Belgrade, with my girlfriend, dog and cats.

I’ve been drawing and painting as long as I can remember, inspired with my sense of self, perception of the world, special people and animals as important part of life. I graduated at Belgrade University, Metropolitan Faculty of Digital Arts in 2021 as Graphic Designer.

After finishing formal education, I decisively decided to dedicate talent to painting as a true passion.

In January 2022 I have presented selection of works created during 2021 at first independent art exhibition "THIS IS ANDREJ BJELIĆ" showcasing a selection of mixed technique drawings on paper and paintings on canvas in art initiative space KVART BW, together with ШТАБ art gallery. The exhibition was very well received by local public and art community and had generated high publicity and growing interest for original expression.

In August 2022 at my second independent exhibition “FIERY PETS“, I presented a set of works painted during spring and summer of 2022, displaying mixed technique, pastel and acrylic, canvases with images of fantastic animals, wild and mythical creatures tamed as pets, that were said that are charismatic and exude charm and desirability. This exhibition took place in BIOSKOP BALKAN art gallery and was funded and supported by reputable art foundation FONDACIJA SAŠA MARČETA. The exhibition wowed local and this time also international audience and, in the moment, to my inner disbelief and absolute amazement, ’set on fire’ the art scene. Shortly after closing, it was completely sold out to number of local and international art connoisseurs, and this success gave my carrier a new boost and inspiration for further developing skills and exploring talent.

March 2023 brought special attention to my art with two major art events that exhibited my work.

Just one day before opening of the third independent exhibition „LIONS ON WIRES“, that was revealedat MONOLOG gallery in partnership with BIOSKOP BALKAN and FONDACIJA SAŠA MARČETA, there was the showing of my work at „ENCOUNTERS“ art experience of cross-section of Serbian contemporary art that took place at CVIJETA ZUZORIĆ pavilion, in organisation of ULUS fine artists association of Serbia. I was recommended and backed for this exibition by MONOLOG gallery and with their curtesy presented by two paintings from their personal collection, both works from “FIERY PETS“ exhibition.

Currently extremely excited and eagerly waiting for art community reactions on new showings and still can’t stop thinking and working on what waits for me next. In April 2023 Barcellona calls, I will be one of the guest authors for B-MURALS spring cycle art residence, curtesy of BIOSKOP BALKAN and FONDACIJA SAŠA MARČETA. For 3 months I will be living and doing studio work for joint exhibition and selected wall mural in Barcelona.

If interested for unsold art works or have an idea for cooperation contact this web site.


Ana Popović Bodroža, Art Historian, Kuća Legata

„ANDREJ BJELIĆ: PAINTING IN THE LANGUAGE OF TODAY The young artist Andrej Bjelic is a person at that turning point in his life, which is actually the first step on the road, the first step after the decision was made to resolutely move into the domain of "pure"painting. This road has self imposed, and clearly inevitable. After graduating as a graphic designer, Andrej discovered during his studies that his affinity for painting goes beyond "given frames" and that in fact the only thing he really wants is to be alone with a handful of paints and colors, and to unstoppably produce many drawings and paintings.

Ana Kršljanin, Art Historian, Galerija Štab

"With his first exhibition, Andrej Bjelić presents himself to the public - with the symbolic title "This is Andrej Bjelić" - he bravely enters the art scene and with faith and optimism decides to dedicate himself only to painting and drawing. Andrej's works are a mirror of his personality. The works are both cheerful and introspective, because one of the main motives of Andrej's work isa self-portrait with a recognisable smile.

Ana Popović Bodroža, Art Historian, Kuća Legata

ANDREJ BJELIĆ - FIERY PETS When Henri Rousseau’s (also known as “the customs officer”) wild animals decided to migrate to the twenty-first century and take on a new shape in the form of street art, they may have just ended up in New Belgrade; there, in a small balcony studio filled with a cloud of spray paint, Andrej Bjelić has, for several years now, been creating his world of contemporary urban desert and wilderness.

Denis Leo Hegic, Curator, Monolog gallery

BETWEEN HOPE AND FREE FALL  I met Andrej through a friend of mine. I was advised to meet this young artist from New Belgrade who recently “has made an incredible series of dogs and cats painting”. That made me smile - as did Andrej's very simple answer as to why he chose exactly this motif for the series: "I love dogs and cats. I spend a lot of time with them. So I decide to paint them". That's it. Nothing more and nothing less. For me, his reply, naive at first glance, encapsulated the very kind of accessibility to art on which I base all my altruism: the ease of standing on the cusp of incredible, exciting moments of (self)recognition that art can offer.

Ksenija Samardžija, Curator and director, Saša Marčeta Foundation

INVITATION TO PLAY After a notable exhibition held last year at Cinema Balkan (2022),where Andrej Bjelic presented a series of works thematically unified under the title Fiery Pets - paintings of fantastic, tamed dragons, unicorns, and unusual pets with unique names and characters - this new series brings a different approach; a considerably milder one, with the color scheme of white lions enriched with pastel tones and blue manes, as they navigate in playful poses on an unstable wire.

Ana Popović Bodroža, Art Historian, Kuća Legata

IN A LION’S JAW  In semiotics and symbolism, the first and most common animal in heraldry is the lion, the king of beasts, a symbol of power, strength, courage, fearlessness, authority, force. An animal that is both, intimidating and awe-inspiring in its pride, dangerous in nature, and magnificent in beauty. Equally worshipped by the Egyptians (as the symbol of the Sun God Ra), Persians, Greeks, and Romans (as the Nemean lion), in the Far East (as sculptures of foo-dogs lions at the entrance of homes and temples), in Islam (as protection against evil), in Christian civilizations and arts (besides its role as a protector, a symbol of immortality and resurrection), the lion adorns the coats of arms of ten countries, and many more throughout history (Venetian, Byzantine lion...), and depending on how it is depicted (sitting, lying, climbing, roaring, inmotion...), it bears different meanings.

Dr. Boris Kuzmanović, Associate Professor, University "Metropolitan"

VISUAL TRACES OF ANDREJ BJELIĆ Bjelić's creative impulse surprises like an earthquake or a tsunami. At first, their is a calmness of anapparently introverted person who listens and yet appears disinterested in the information around. In fact, Bjelić accumulates what he observes and reacts with the first adequate impulse, like a skillful cat which so often appears in his works with a recognizable and strong suggestive stroke.

Fabian Kassner, Art Historian (M.A.)

WALK ON A TIGHTROPE Andrej Bjelić’s exhibition Lions on Wires, based on a series of drawings and paintings on the same topic, illustrates how lifely the reflections on a simple visual motif can be. The lion, “king of beasts”, a symbol of both strength and royalty, is portrayed as a caricature, as a cute kitten with a flowing mane and shaking legs on a wire. Juxtaposing dancing, stumbling, hanging and jumping lions in his unique naive manner, the artist draws attention to simple variations of facial and body expression, changes in color and shape. Although repetitive, all lions find their individual ways of posing on the shaking wire.